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Saturday, 17 January 2009

Features of eportfolios

I was musing on some eportfolio features:

An eportfolio should sit between one’s personal space/personal learning space and the institutional learning space (eg VLE)

Possible uses of eportfolios
  • assessment
  • application for certification
  • job application
  • personnel record
  • continuing professional development
  • career management
Some desirable features:
  • A good app for creating an Action Plan and scaffolding its creation
  • Pulls together achievements in learning and life – coursework and voluntary/leisure activities – as well as
  • Needs to be attractive, interesting, easy to use and link with other personal tools
  • Different permissions can be set for sharing different items with different people at different times, e.g., tutors, fellow students, employers
  • Interoperability with other systems – so it can be exported once the learner moves on and/or exported to a blog system
  • Allow creation of a webfolio that can link with other repositories eg Flickr, and authorized with Flickr ID
  • Accessibility – text to speech?
  • Management systems to avoid misuse eg as a personal filestore – administrator can keep upload speeds low if necessary
  • Have a proforma to guide people through an action plan, business plan or promotion plan, etc.
  • Planning tool – with space for uploads
  • A profile to rate your own competencies
I'd be interested to hear ideas for further essential features.

One such that has most if not all of these features is Pebblepad

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posted by Helen Whitehead 2:36 PM

Hi, Helen, I've been 'musing' on this subject for the last two years and was certainly helped by Helen Barrett's 'Metaphors' - to which I contributed a couple.

But, yet again, I read you, as with others, of only looking within your own 'silo'. As much as I agree with most of your list, I would ask you to look 'outside the box' and think of the vast range of other users outside of HE. Just think of the actual small percentage who are in HE, the small proportion actually using an e-Portfolio and for such a small percentage of their time.

My reason for saying this is my fear that the Universities in particular have the research and publishing power to establish de facto standards for e-Portfolios which might miss the 'bigger picture'.

I'm trying to look at the bigger picture of Lifetime, Lifewide ownership and all that this demands. Can it all be done in one tool, or shouold we have different e-Portfolios for different purposes?

My serious conclusion is that it is quite possible to have on tool which can serve all purposes. And not only that, it can evolve, chameleon-like, according to one's current situation and can transition from one institution to another without the complications of interoperability or importing/exporting.

One significant suggestion is that of the cosmetic treatment using templates, skins, fonts and avatars etc. When a child (or adult for that matter) wants to design a site that shouts out, "This is ME!" the tools for doing this and changing easily are an important part of my self-image and how I communicate this to my audiences.

Another suggestion is that it is an e-safe place for the 6 million learners who are in compulsory education and need the protection of appropriately safe tools.

Given such an e-safe environment the e-Portfolio can then become the place for mentoring, peer-review, collaboration etc and including e-safe polls and surveys.

I could go on at length, but much of this is covered in my various links as below:


Your Comments and those of your readers would be appreciated,

Best Wishes,
Ray T
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