The Brawl

formerly titled "A Great Night Out"
An experiment in hypertext fiction

Midsummer had reached its cusp in the heart of the market town. On the longest, hottest day of the year the yuppies were collecting under the sprouting awnings of the trendy cafe-bars like ladybirds under leaves.

Claire, Jake, Sarah and Andy were hurrying to get a table at their favourite hangout — the Fool and Fork, the pub with the eighteen real ales. Claire had worked later than expected and had then had to drag Andy and Jake away from the latest interactive movie on Sarah's PC. By the time they reached the Fool there was no quarter being given in the fight for space and service at the bar.

In the more downmarket sector of town it was changeover time. Every drinker in town seemed to be on the move from one pub to the next.

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Last amended on 20th June 1998 / copyright H. M. Whitehead